An Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea Can Help You Reduce Snoring

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Oral appliances have been approved by the FDA to treat sleep breathing disorders such as snoring and mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. These devices prevent airway obstructions and allow you to breathe easily, comfortably, and continuously throughout the night.

An oral appliance for sleep apnea can only be prescribed after you have been diagnosed with a sleep breathing disorder. In consultation with the sleep physician specialists at Greenwood Leflore Hospital Sleep Disorders Center, Todd Fincher, DDS, will coordinate sleep breathing disorder screening and diagnostic tests to determine your specific disorder and the type of treatment that’s best for you. To learn more about screening for sleep breathing disorders, click here.

Then, depending on your diagnosis, Todd Fincher, DDS, and his team will provide a custom, state-of-the-art oral appliance that is comfortable, convenient, and has been proven by scientific research to treat patients with sleep breathing disorders.

How Sleep Breathing Disorder Oral Appliances Work

Sleep breathing disorder oral appliances like the MicrO2 hold your lower jaw forward during sleep. Worn in your mouth like an orthodontic device, this type of appliance keeps your airway open by preventing the soft tissues in your mouth and throat from collapsing. This reduces snoring, prevents interruptions of your normal sleep breathing patterns, and relieves sleep apnea symptoms. In particular, these oral appliances reposition your lower jaw, tongue, soft palate, and uvula; stabilize your lower jaw and tongue; and increase your airway space.

When prescribed and provided by a trained dental sleep medicine dentist like Todd Fincher, DDS, these appliances are more effective than over-the-counter devices. Custom sleep breathing disorder appliances are designed using a mold of your mouth, which ensures the device will fit comfortably and treat your specific and unique condition.

Benefits of Oral Appliance Treatments for Sleep Breathing Disorders

Oral appliance treatments for sleep breathing disorders like the MicrO2 enhance the quality of your sleep, as well as reduce daytime drowsiness and sluggish feelings, headaches, irritability, and other serious health problems caused by sleep breathing disorders. Their use also helps to improve the quality of sleep for your partner.

Additionally, oral appliance therapy is comfortable and often better tolerated by patients than other snoring and mild/moderate sleep apnea treatments. In fact, most people adjust to wearing the device while sleeping after only a couple of weeks. And, unlike surgical procedures, oral appliance treatment for sleep breathing disorders is reversible and non-invasive.

Dr. Todd Fincher DDS

Dr. Fincher and his team of compassionate professionals care about your unique oral health needs. We strive to deliver an experience that surpasses your expectations. Dr. Fincher holds several distinctions:

  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Official Dental Sponsor of Miss Mississippi USA
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Call Dr. Fincher and his team in Greenwood, MS, at (662) 595-4300 or contact us online to setup an appointment. We serve patients in Greenville, Columbus, and nearby areas.

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