Full Mouth Reconstruction Testimonial


In this full mouth reconstruction testimonial, Craig Brown explains that he originally visited Dr. Todd Fincher because he needed his dental implants replaced. During his full mouth reconstruction, we also addressed his bite misalignment and sleep apnea. Craig says he has improved his chewing, reduced his tooth grinding, and eliminated his snoring.

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My name is Craig Brown. The reason I came to Dr. Fincher in the first place was that I was having problems with some implants from a dentist in Jackson, and I saw in the newspaper where Todd had this 3D imaging machine and thought it could position the implants better and it certainly did. They take the time to get it done right, and it's not a hurry up, let's get this out of the way, let's get this done. If it takes two hours, that's fine. If it takes one hour, that's fine. If it takes 10 minutes, that's fine, but to get it done right. Todd started adjusting on my bite. I never had my bite adjusted. I didn't even know it was off. It started taking pressure off some of my . . . you know, on my chewing and so forth and so on, and just made me much more comfortable. Whether eating or sleeping or whatever, made me a lot more comfortable. We started looking at my sleeping habits, my tooth grinding, my snoring, my lack of sleep at night. And I'm the type of person I was not going to wear a CPAP machine, but Todd was able to correct that with a simple mouthpiece that I wear at night and my wife says I don't snore anymore and I do wake up very well rested.

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