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One of our most popular treatment options is porcelain veneers. Dr. Todd Fincher and his team recommend veneers for patients who want brighter, more youthful smiles. Veneers are strong, functional, and easy to care for.

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A dental veneer is a porcelain facing about the size of a contact lens that is made to fit over front or back teeth, mainly front teeth. We use veneers for different reasons. Patients come in wanting their smile to look brighter, to look whiter, to look more youthful. Veneers are a good indication for that when a lot of damage has not been caused to the tooth. They are just as strong as your normal teeth. They eat just like your normal teeth. They need the care of your normal teeth. One thing that veneers have that normal teeth don't have is that veneers don't stain, because the porcelain that is made out of those is so densely fired, it is actually non-porous like your teeth. So wine stains, tobacco stains, food stains don't accumulate on veneers as readily as they do on natural teeth. Our patients who come to us for smile makeovers are the ones that probably love us the most, because we give them almost instant gratification, which is what everybody unfortunately is into these days. So we can take them in a period of three to five weeks, and we can totally enhance their smile, give them the smile that they may have never had, the smile that they may have had before an accident, or the smile of their youth. So it's a very gratifying procedure for me. I love doing smile makeovers. It gives me a lot of pleasure inside, gives me a lot of gratification inside too, and I provide my patients with something otherwise they couldn't have gotten. They love it.

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