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Dr. Todd Fincher provides two types of sedation dentistry: in-office and in-hospital. During in-office sedation, Dr. Fincher works with a registered nurse anesthetist. We have performed over 150 cases with no negative side effects.

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Dr. Fincher: There are two types of sedation we use in our dental practice. One is an in-office sedation. One is an in-hospital sedation. We treat a lot of children who are too young to be treated in a conventional dental setting. They may have rampant decay. They may have decay in all of their teeth or a good number of teeth. They may have multiple abscesses. These children have got to be taken to the hospital. That is the safest way to treat pediatric cases in my opinion. The other mode of sedation is here in the office. That's usually an adult type of sedation where we bring in a certified registered nurse anesthetist, in this case Bill Reid, who is part of my staff. And Bill will sedate the patient for me. Legally, I am able to sedate the patient. I chose not to because my belief is that if I have Bill sedating the patient, the patient is going to get the best sedation possible with the machines that we have to monitor their sedation. And they're going to get my 100% full attention. So in that view, it is a win/win for the patient. The patient gets the best anesthesia from Bill. And they get the best dentistry from me. And hopefully, it comes together, and it's a great patient experience, and we get their needs met. Bill: Traditionally, at the hospital, they monitor everything from the neck down, all your vital organs from the neck down. But they forget to monitor the most important organ of all, and that's the brain. And that's what separates this technique from the techniques used in the hospital and most offices. Rather than oversedate and undersedating, we give you the exact amount of anesthesia that you will need for the procedure that we do here. A few minutes before the procedure's complete, Dr. Fincher will say, "Bill, almost finished." At that point, we'll cut the anesthesia off, the infusion off, and the patient is awake within 15 minutes. You can continue your usual activities at home later on that day. And you're not hung over for the weekend or the next night. You're fully awake within 15 minutes. We have the best equipment, the latest equipment. We have crash carts. We've been approved by the state. And our main concern in putting this together was the safety of the patients. Dr. Fincher: Exactly. The technique that Bill administers is just the finest technique that we've come across. Our patients love it. And like Bill said, we've done over 150 cases like this without a single instance of nausea or vomiting following the case.

Dr. Todd Fincher DDS

Dr. Fincher and his team of compassionate professionals care about your unique oral health needs. We strive to deliver an experience that surpasses your expectations. Dr. Fincher holds several distinctions:

  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Official Dental Sponsor of Miss Mississippi USA
  • Practicing pediatric dentist at Greenwood Leflore Hospital

Call Dr. Fincher and his team in Greenwood, MS, at (662) 595-4300 or contact us online to setup an appointment. We serve patients in Greenville, Columbus, and nearby areas.

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