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Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious disorder. Dr. Todd Fincher can provide a modified version of sleep apnea treatment by combining a custom oral appliance with CPAP therapy. This treatment can help patients with moderate to severe sleep apnea eventually rely on oral appliance therapy alone.

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Sleep apnea is a condition that when you go to sleep, your oxygen level drops in your body for some reason. People with sleep apnea shorten their own lives. They essentially choke themselves to death at night. When you start getting to severe sleep apnea, you've crossed a bridge you can't go back across and you're leaning more toward having to have a CPAP machine. Now we do a modified combination therapy, where if a patient has moderate to severe sleep apnea, we'll make them an oral appliance to move their jaw forward and they will wear this appliance in conjunction with their CPAP machine, but what they're able to do at that point is turn the oxygen down on their CPAP machine. What we do is monitor them with recurring sleep tests while they're doing this to make sure they're not in any danger and, hopefully, we can get them healed up enough that they can get off the CPAP machine and just stay on the oral device and sleep on that.

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